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The NNA was formed in 2001 by residents and property owners to address the civic and legislative issues facing our community.


Vision for 2020/2021- Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive community


Fundamental principles: 

  1. Creating new and maintaining current community partnerships.

  2. Engage through social and community service opportunities.

  3. Expand our membership by including leasing community members. 

  4. Grow the intergenerational nature of our neighborhood by targeting families. 

  5. Promoting the development of and partnership with parallel Delaware neighborhood associations.

What we do:

• Keep our members informed about issues affecting the neighborhood and the City of Delaware as a whole.

• Encourage group advocacy, when appropriate.

• Provide a forum where members can discuss neighborhood concerns or opportunities.

• Sponsor social events that foster a sense of community and help residents gain a greater appreciation of our neighborhood's unique character.

• Support local charitable causes through fundraising events and community service projects.

• Promote shared pride and stewardship of the treasured assets in our community through support of neighborhood improvement initiatives.

What we don't do:

• The NNA is not a regulatory committee formed to impose design or renovation standards on homeowners in the neighborhood.

•We have absolutely no authority to dictate what color you can paint your house, what type of window replacements you choose, etc.

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